Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something happened

Something happened on the way to school,
While I was dreaming about finance and accounting,
While Abbott and Goldman came calling,
Time was slipping away.
Time to get to know that person sitting next to you in class
Time to dream my dreams
Once that I had a long time ago
Seem to be slipping away,
I seemed to be losing the most valuable resource.
Taking a step back
Holding off Bain and JnJ,
I took a stock of where precious moments went
And realized the best time was now.
Not when I had that internship,
Not when I had that job.
Time was waiting to be reclaimed,
Time was waiting to give me back success,
Success to live in the moment,
So I may cherish the here and now,
The days of our lives.
Going after success was going after time,
Living today so that there is a tomorrow,
So that there is the job and there is life,
Life with people, life in the moment.

( Written November 2010)

Darker than the night

A deeper darker look at the world around me
A little sunshine missing
Optimism tempered with wounds of yesterday
Some old strikes question that invulnerability
Sometimes it feels that the world is a little worn
A little wisdom and a little sadness,
The world looks a little dark tonight,
Darker than the night.