Sunday, November 26, 2006

Biomedical Engineering as an undergraduate degree

[ Please note this post was retroactively edited on March 12th 2007 ]
Having completed six years of Education in Biomedical Engineering, and almost 3 months of research in Electrophysiology, I feel well poised to make comments about my experiences with being educated in this field. What started as an alternative route to become a geneticist when I was in my high school, turned into a field I have eventually come to complete my Masters in.

When I fist walked into the Biomedical Engineering Department at Manipal, I was extremely impressed by the 3 people I met there (Dr Niranjan UC , Dr Rajendra Acharya and Ganest Bhat ( that was his name if my memory serves me right) ) and received some very loud assurances from one of the professors, Dr Rajendra Acharya that it would potentially set me off on the path I was looking to get into further down the road. I was informed that once I had completed my Bachelors degree I could go for my higher studies in the field I wanted to get into which was Genetic Engineering. Management Consulting in Biotech and Pharma seem more like what I would like to do now. Change of plan!

However, 4 years passed by while I shared a love hate relationship with Biomedical Engineering and finally applied to Masters and Doctoral programs in Biology, Genetics in the United States.
All my applications to the field I wanted to study fell flat on their faces. I needed more training and coursework before any of the programs would accept me. This is May 2004 and I decided to apply to Drexel University which promptly admitted me ( and with a partial fellowship to boot!). Torn between staying back to pursue some research work to strengthen my application for next year and leaving for Drexel, I chose the latter ( these choices are like coin flips, in retrospect, it's 50-50 ). Enter USA and Drexel University. Drexel had one of the typical Biomedical Engineering departments that you would find in many parts of the US and in a few other countries around the world, a legacy of the Whitaker Foundation. Read on to find out the saga of the educated pioneer Biomedical Engineer ( or is it guinea pig ?)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Country tunes

Alan Jackson's song "Remember When" is recommended if you're in that nostalgic mood about love, life and close ones. Country music has such wonderful gems that even with the simple guitar and a great voice and some thoughtful lyrics you can do a much better job of making good music than with all the electronic gadgetry and amps that are available and so all the techno gimmickry fades into nothingness and noise when you're listening to some good country tunes.