Monday, March 27, 2006

There is a certain girl

There is a certain girl
Who is "of the sea",
Calm and deep as the ocean,
Time with her stands still.
She lives somewhere here in my heart,
Hidden from the world at large.
When I was younger,
Younger than today
I met her,
And I forgot the years.

There is a certain girl
Who is never far from my mind,
Pure and beautiful as the falling rain,
Life with her is a lot of things.
She stays around the corner,
The deepest corner of my heart,
Always a source of strength and trust.
Sometimes I look back and find her,
Waiting and smiling.

There is a certain girl
Who has eyes like a mischievious deer,
A vastness of ocean lying inside them.
A worker bee making her hive proud,
She's my queen bee.
During rainy days and sunny ones,
She's the one to clear the skies,
She's the one to be the shade for me.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I cannot live without you

You are me
Me is you
and you are the one I've known
Since I was born.
Trips into eternal depths.
To know you.
I still need to know you.
I want to be you.
I am so incomplete,
I need to know you.
You're within me.
My spirit.

You're an atom

Tung tu tung
La la lad la
The guitar and piano play.
Cross out your mental resistances
And seek the atom.
The atom never lies.
Atoms walking through this life.
You're one of them....
The core to your life
The one answer,
Your atom.
Keeps you from trouble.
Stolen lines from a song never made any sense.
Let the judges frown for five at a time.
Are you there to seek it ?
Are you blinded by the world ?
Where is your atom ?
You are an atom.

Monday, March 13, 2006


A need to feed,
A need to breed.
A need for every time of day,
A need for every cerebration of your mind.
Relationships of need.
Everybody wants you,
If you fill a need.
To make them feel the ability to feel superior
And act as saviours of you,
Also fulfils a need.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Try Try Try till you die

Have you heard of the story of the boy who never tried,
Who grew up to be the man who never acted,
And died the old man who left behind a legacy of emptiness.
A tiny step each moment
A longer distance covered in a day
Walking up
Knocking on doors
Waiting a short while before they open or don't
Finding others to knock on till I'm done.
I'm never done until the day I'm done.