Friday, June 01, 2007

The sweet respite

The calm that comes in the midst of activity,
The peace of being at ease in the bustle of the day,
The sweet respite from battling the tides of destiny.
Riding the wave,
Pleasant as a midsummer day's siesta.
Having found the gates to graceful existence,
The mind settles.
It focuses on building,
And enjoys the sweet respite.
Time holds it's breath,
A time to grow in continuum.
It feels lazy even in the busiest of day,
It feels like summiting,
The flag just got planted.

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Mrs. Clymer said...

Beautiful!!! I wonder, what's the drive like going across this big country? I recently went to Georgia by car from Philly and it was a long ride. I've taken some pictures from car windows too. School has just ended for us and now I have some time to check out your blog. I hope things are going well since your last posting. Keep sending pictures. They look wonderful.

Keep Trucking (As the saying goes)