Sunday, October 15, 2006

What you get is what you didn't see

Waiting on the world to change,
Waiting on things to happen,
Unxepected returns on previous investments,
Love, life, people and work.
Are you waiting on the world to change ?
Are you expecting things to happen ?
Are you waiting for that next email ?
Are you waiting for the next promotion ?
Are you waiting on the next job change ?
Turn your head around,
All that you thought would happen,
All that you thought would not happen,
Didn't and did.
What is that you want ?
Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ?
Somethings are going to change and somethings are not.
You've got to live no matter what.
Are you finding today good ?
Without a sound,
Without a word,
Everyday counts in so many ways.
She's on your mind,
He's on your mind,
They're on your mind.
Lose control of things,
Gain control of your life.
Killing the desire of expectation,
A rat in a maze ?
The maze builder ?
You're none.
You're the guy who was born and will die.
You're the guy who may make a difference
Given a will to do it...
Love, life, people and work.

Enter your own maze

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