Thursday, September 28, 2006

Collective Wisdom of Crowds

James Surowiecki makes a compelling point in his book the Wisdom of Crowds.....the rather eerie predictive accuracy of crowds which puts to shame even the best of experts. The theory that mobs and crowds are crazy at the worst and dumb at the best has come a long way and James makes a strong argument about that. A rather interesting point about the whole thing is that HSX ( Hollywood Stock Exchange ) can make predictions about new movie box office results with a pretty good accuracy and are actually selling their data to Hollywood people.

A caveat however is that there are 3 things which are required in the composition of the crowd to be successful.....more on that later.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who's alone now

Those days in the company of friends,
Sometimes a moment remembered,
The people absent.
The feeling of belonging,
A feeling explored many times,
Cloistered with a need of the human touch.
Who's alone now ?
Is it you ?
Who's alone now ?
Is it you surrounded by people you cannot talk to ?
Clamoring to be heard,
Clamoring to be at peace.
In a crowded place,
In a restaurant,
In a cafe,
I have spoken,
I have not been heard,
I have had your ears,
But you did not listen.
I'll never be with you.
I'll never be with you.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Ok. I'm suddenly where I don't want to be..I've spent time doing "certain" things I should not have gotten into the end of it...I'm regretting a tad bit too much. Other than that, today has been a generally mundane, lazy, boring, saturday afternoon...contemplating about my aimlessness in life and things that I could have done or should have done.The hopeful thing is that it's not too late and I still look like a fucking undergrad or worse ( read high school student).
If one of you crazy humans happens to come onto this page through the most often than not orkut link....please don't waste your time reading my thoughts....i've just become too lazy to write them down in a diary...more signs of my illiteracy.