Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Something you can do right now,
Something you can touch and feel.
Living for tomorrow,
Living for expectations,
Hopes undying,
That is not your reason to live.
Your reason to live is in front of you,
In your day today.
Is this what you want ?
Look at your life.
Tangible is all that it is,
And all that can be tangible,
Roads lay ahead,
Paths unknown but a short patch of it highlighted,
The patch that is today and right now.
The glory in your work
The glory in doing
The glory in living
As best as you can.
Glory in the eyes of the dying man who smiles,
Glory in the eyes of the school kid who submits his homework,
Glory in the eyes of the blue collar worker at the end of a day of work.
Sometime is today and now
Paths unknown lay in front of us
But it is good,
That which is today,
given to us and never to come back.

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