Monday, March 27, 2006

There is a certain girl

There is a certain girl
Who is "of the sea",
Calm and deep as the ocean,
Time with her stands still.
She lives somewhere here in my heart,
Hidden from the world at large.
When I was younger,
Younger than today
I met her,
And I forgot the years.

There is a certain girl
Who is never far from my mind,
Pure and beautiful as the falling rain,
Life with her is a lot of things.
She stays around the corner,
The deepest corner of my heart,
Always a source of strength and trust.
Sometimes I look back and find her,
Waiting and smiling.

There is a certain girl
Who has eyes like a mischievious deer,
A vastness of ocean lying inside them.
A worker bee making her hive proud,
She's my queen bee.
During rainy days and sunny ones,
She's the one to clear the skies,
She's the one to be the shade for me.

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